32 Battalion Song & Sounds


 Song in Honour
 Second March Song
Ultimately the members of 32 Battalion were betrayed by the very same people they once honoured
 Third March Song
 First March Song


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Credits: This song mix was compiled by Aaron O'Connor, the youngest son of Lionel, an ex SA Parabat (78-80) now living in the UK. Great Stuff!

Warning: Due to the nature of the exercise and the adrenalin rush, some harsh words have been used and only 18(+) year olds  should proceed to listen

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32 Battalion troops marching from the apron in Durban under unfamiliar media coverage after flying in to deploy in the strife torn Natal in what was perceived by the general public to be the first urban deployment after being relocated from SWA/Namibia. The first Urban deployment was actually done by redeploying a company from a border protection role in the Messina area to Bosbokrand/Thulamahage area in Gazankulu, a homeland in the eastern Transvaal.
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